My experience in the business sector

My five-year degree course in Economic Science and External Trade at the University Paris II – Panthéon-Assas provided me with a broad range of skills in the area of commerce and business economics. Not only can I converse fluently and effortlessly in day-to-day French, I also have an excellent knowledge of specialised economics terminology.

A one-year sabbatical in Canada – of which I spent six months working as an intern at the Canadian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and four months editing and translating (English-French) a new PhD programme at Mac Master University – greatly enhanced my knowledge of everyday and commercial English so that I now can boast excellent negotiating skills in this crucial-to-business language.

Since my very first engagements as advertising and marketing manager at various marketing agencies and IT companies, I have been composing, translating and proof-reading texts on a broad array of topics from the marketing, direct marketing, communications and PR sectors.

In order to compose a comprehensible text in the target language, I can pull on a wealth of international experience – whilst often taking advantage of the cumulative expertise offered by an international network – to adapt the translated text to the cultural expectations of the target country.

Would you like to know more about which type of commercial customers I support?

  • Governmental
    • EU
    • German Federal ministries and the authorities
  • Networking product manufacturers
  • Backup software manufacturers
  • …. and many more.

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