Your texts are in good hands: No text ever leaves my office, if it is not supposed to!

As far as I am concerned, the privacy of your documents is of supreme importance – even more important than the quality. Security is my number one priority. Are your documents generally of a confidential nature or absolutely not intended for disclosure? Or would you like them to be kept secret until a certain date? No problem – undisclosed documents never leave my office unless you want them to. Nor will your confidential documents be forwarded to any other translators in such cases – although I would like to point out that all my colleagues are extremely trustworthy.

Non-disclosure agreement

If necessary, I would be happy to send you a signed non-disclosure agreement.

Alternative transfer options

Normally, I receive and send documents to be translated by email. However, if you prefer, we can gladly discuss alternative shipping options (e.g. shipment by courier, transfer per VPN connection etc.). Simply let me know.

No cloud storage

Whether specifically requested by my customers or not – I have a general rule of never saving documents to the cloud. All translations are done and stored locally on my computer in my office. I carry out regular backups so that none of your information gets lost.

Your texts will not be used for advertising purposes

None of your documents will be misused for advertising purposes or for demonstrating the quality of my translation work. If required, I would be happy to do a test translation that equally fulfils this purpose.