The project plan

The project plan – from your first enquiry to the finished translation

In exactly the same way as you can avoid wasting time and money whilst building a house through making sure you are carefully prepared right from the outset, you can also avoid wasting time and money, if you do the same when planning your translation projects. Involve your translator/interpreter even before your project actually kicks off for maximum efficiency.

In the case of printed or electronic documents, contact your translator/interpreter before you sit down to write your first lines in your own language. Your translator can provide you with lots of useful tips on how to write good texts with a view to having them subsequently translated. If you require an interpreter at a meeting with a customer or at any other event, it is useful to consult the interpreter as soon as you know that you are going to be needing his/her services.

On the other hand, maybe you have already written your texts and have now decided that you need to communicate with your foreign customers? In this case you will be wanting to translate your documents into one or several other languages. How is this project going to be planned? I would be delighted to help you communicate successfully with your overseas customers! It is as easy as clicking your fingers:

Do you need translation services?

1. Simply send me all the documents that need to be translated in editable PDF file format – or even better, in Word format – per email, indicating the language(s) in question. Do you already have company-specific/branch-specific terminology that needs to be complied with? Or do you have a website where I can find detailed information on your products and services? When do you need the final translation? Any information that you can provide on your company, your project, your needs and your terminology would be most helpful in enabling me to custom design a quote.

Please do not forget to add your contact details in case I need to contact you for more specifics.

2. I will then go through your documents in detail, as well as all the supplementary information provided, and will get back to you with a tailor-made quote within 24 hours.

3. If you would like to contract me to complete your translation project, please sign my quote, scan it in and send it back to me per email.

4. I will then immediately start work on your translation. If time is an issue, I may also cooperate with one of my fellow translators in my international network to ensure that your project is completed on time.

5. Should I require any explanations with regard to the content, I will send you a list of questions by email when I am nearing the end of the translation. This will give you plenty of time to answer the questions and consult your colleagues, if necessary.

6. As soon as I have received your comments, explanations or decisions, I will incorporate them into the translation.

7. You will receive your translation at the very latest on the due date but I will strive to deliver ahead of schedule, if possible.


Do you need interpretation services?

1. Please send me an email indicating the date, duration, location, required language pair(s), the purpose as well as the subject of the requested interpretation services. Do you already have a terminology list, a website, brochures or anything else that can be used by your interpreter to ensure that he/she is adequately prepared?

Please do not forget to add your contact details in case I need to contact you for more specifics.

2. Within 24 hours I will send you a quote covering your requirements or get in touch with you, should I have any further questions.

3. If you accept my quote, please sign it and send it back to me per email.

4. We will meet approximately half an hour before the interpretation services are needed in order to clarify any remaining issues.


Do you have any further questions? Then, please feel free to contact me! I would be happy to send you a qualified quote.