What exactly is interpreting?

Interpreting is the art of translating orally something that somebody has said straight into another language. This is either done consecutively, i.e. the translation follows when the speaker pauses for a moment, or simultaneously, i.e. by whispering the translation into the listener’s ear or via. headphones from an interpreters’ booth.

What can I do for you?

It would be a great pleasure for me to accompany you and your staff to trade fairs and other events and/or to support you during factory tours or other important meetings with your customers. I generally interpret consecutively.

If you are looking for one or more simultaneous interpreters, please let me know. Due to my broad network of interpreter professionals, I am sure that I will be able to find just the right person to fit the bill just perfectly.

Please feel free to contact me, I would be happy to provide a quote!