Website localisation

Has your website been individually localised or merely translated?

Whether you run an online shop, a blog or a business website: If you want to leave a good impression when a customer visits your website, your texts must be correct and well written –  even in a foreign language. However, it is not only important to translate the description of your products and services correctly, the texts must also be specifically adapted to the habits of your target country or countries, i.e. they must sound like texts that have been written by native speakers in the target language.

Do not underestimate the importance of website localisation!

Forms, addresses, salutations and titles, punctuation, linguistic usage, layout, etc. are all “minor details” which are often used and presented differently in other languages and other countries. Adapt your texts to the habits of your target group and stand out from your competitors! This is a great opportunity to show your customers that you are a true professional!

The question is, how are you supposed to know how these minor details are presented in a foreign language? Ask a professional specialist translator!

What can I do for you?

Are you planning to go international and publish additional versions of your corporate website in German, French, Spanish and/or another foreign language? Or do you already have a multilingual website and want to add some more information?

If you would like me to compose your website in a foreign language, I can offer you two different options:

– I can either send you the translated texts as a continuous text in a Word file so that you can simply copy the content over to your CMS on your own. My annotations within the text will help you to easily position the texts at the right place on your website.

– Alternatively, I can insert the translated texts straight into your CMS system. This process is guaranteed to save you valuable time and money. Broad experience in using the Joomla! and WordPress tools has trained me to adapt quickly to other customer relationship systems.

Please feel free to contact me. I would be pleased to provide you with a detailed quote!