Your benefits

What are your benefits?

Poor translations are guaranteed to damage your image in the long run. Your customers will notice and remember – and this will lead them to the conclusion that your products or services are quite likely equally bad. Good translations earn you the respect you deserve. Show your customers that you are a professional and entrust your translation to a professional translator! The benefits will most certainly exceed your expectations!

Professional support lets you:

  • Nurture your international image: Your reputation determines your turnover. Only if your external presentation is free of mistakes and adapted to the habits of the country where your clients are located will you be able to convince your international customers of the quality of your own products and services. A poorly designed presentation will simply be cast aside…
  • Avoid errors: Quite often when texts are translated, part of the text is either mistranslated or important information missing. This may lead to major misunderstandings – possibly even resulting in financial loss or legal consequences. This is especially the case where ­ although having demonstrated a good command of the foreign language in question ­ the translator has either not used the correct terminology or did not have access to relevant specialist literature. Perfect translations guarantee that your communications are clear and precise – without any misinterpretations. If you use the services of a professional translator, you are really well protec ted!
  • Work more efficiently: Even though your own staff may have good language skills and be able to do translation work, those assigned to carrying out the translations are quite likely to require much more time than a professional translator due to a lack of respective tools. Furthermore, in-house translators waste valuable time having to “get the hang of it” as having to translate is often a world apart from their normal tasks. Sourcing out translation work is actually much less expensive in the long run!

Have I been able to convince you? Simply contact me for a quote. Not only can I guarantee that you will get a high quality translation, you will also save money and valuable time! I look forward to hearing from you.